Early End

Jim and I wanted to reach out to inform readers of our unfortunate decision to conclude our daily feature earlier than usual.

Several factors were at play here: Jim’s newly modified work schedule and his travel schedule yanked him early from the rotation. He’s been prepping for multiple trips throughout the Midwest, and when your work schedule adds an extra day to an already busy work week, makes it kind of tough to fully dedicate time to the craft we’ve created here at the site.

As far as myself, the hitter side of things? I’m beginning to prepare for possibly my final collegiate semester. I’m a preparation fanatic and with this being my final fall on campus, I have prep work to do. A lot of it. However that’s not all.

Last off season, Jim and I put together our off season UTR Organizational All-Star feature in record time. Did we pump out a good product? Personally, I feel it was the best off season work we’ve published to date. And our goal is to continue that momentum.

Therefore, my goal after our “Hitters of the Day” and “Top Pitcher Performance” features conclude this coming Saturday, I’ll be crafting our off season spreadsheets to ensure that we not only give you equal off season content, but a little extra as well. And to do that, to continue to improve, it takes time when it’s just a two man show.

So, Jim and I would like to thank every single reader from every single country who took time to visit us during the regular season, and who bought into our unique brand of prospect reporting. We fully believe in it and if you didn’t believe in us, we would have zero reason to do what we love to do.

Thank you from the bottom, and if you have any questions or comments, reach out. You can find us on Twitter. We welcome any and all comments or questions, and we’ll do the utmost best to help you.

In the coming months look for our off season OAS schedule to be announced.

From the bottom,

Marc and Jim.

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4 Responses to Early End

  1. Hey guys, thanks a lot for another great year! Good luck on your endeavors, looking forward to seeing your posts in the offseason! Best regards to you and yours.

    • First of all, thanks for the birthday wishes last weekend Alex. Had a fantastic time and the break was nice if I can be honest.

      About the end of the regular season, we didn’t expect to finish this early as we usually go until the middle of August. But Jim’s situation left him practically no time to produce daily content. Sad, as he’s so darn good at his craft. My situation isn’t as dire, but again, being a non-traditional student, I need all the time possible to prep for the fall semester. I’m working on a journalism degree and have to chance to achieve some things academically (honors) that I never thought were possible. So this semester is very important to me.

      As far as the off season stuff. I believe this was the best in-season product I’ve ever pumped out Alex. Readers seemed to like the various write ups on players. I think the unpredictable nature of my posts kept people coming. Plus, I wanted to ride the momentum of this past UTR OAS into the daily feature, and I think I achieved that. I prepare nothing heading into my daily work, so everything you read is literally on-the-spot analysis. I plan to dig deep into my spreadsheet and brainstorm something special for the off season.

      You’ve been a great fan of our work Alex and I always love when readers take the time to reach out. Do not ever hesitate to send along a message.

      Thanks again Alex.


  2. jeff says:

    Sometimes you really don’t appreciate what you have till you lose it. I really look forward to these daily emails. You guys do a phenomenal job. Good luck!

    • Hey Jeff,

      Not going to lie. It stinks ending our regular season work early, but we were left with no choice. We’d rather end it completely than put out a half assed or shit product. We’d rather be up front and honest with our readers with the situation than end it without warning. That destroys any credibility.

      Have to be honest too Jeff. Reading your comment makes us feel pretty darn good. To know that we have that kind of impact, makes you feel pretty special.

      So glad you enjoy our work and please, by all means, feel free to message us again here or hit me up on the old Twitter machine.

      Thank you Jeff.


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