Under the Radar Hitters of the Day – June 19, 2018

Several days ago, site partner Jim took a small hiatus from tracking, taking a much needed vacation west to see some sites in Minnesota and Colorado. His advice: Go! Both states are absolutely beautiful he said and visiting Morrison, CO should be on everyone’s bucket list. What the heck is in Morrison, CO you ask? Well, it’s the home of the acclaimed Red Rocks Amphitheater, which Rolling Stone magazine once voted the best outdoor concert venue in America. Personally, one of my favorite Red Rocks performances of all-time is when the band U2 played there in support of the War album back in 1983. Some argue that U2’s set at Live-Aid in 1986 put them on the map as the world’s next great live band, but in my humble opinion, U2’s Red Rocks show had already done that. So, why have I veered off course, talking about U2?

Well, just as Jim took a trip west, my trip in the opposite direction begins tonight. Heading east to Boston to spend a few days with family in one of the more wonderful cities I’ve had the pleasure of visiting. The highlight: seeing U2 at TD Garden tomorrow night. Huge fan here, and better yet, I have a remote chance at meeting the band. Keeping my fingers crossed. So, today will be my last post until I return Sunday to report on Saturday’s top hitters. Until then, keep an eye on your favorite bats and dive into the excitement of the Rookie leagues that began this week. The Appy League started action last night and GCL Tigers hitters have begun the season on absolute fire as you’ll see below. 

On a side note here are links to the Hi and LoA All-Star games from last night: Cal League, Carolina League, Midwest League and Sally League.

Have a great rest of the week and I’ll see you back with Sunday morning’s post. 

National League – Top Hitter of the Day: 

  • Eddy Diaz, SS – DSL Colorado (COL) – Dominican Summer League0-1, 3R, RBi, 3BB, 4 SB (20,21,22,23) 
    • One thing Jim and I love to see are crooked numbers. That’s not to say fundamental stat lines get old. Those are what drives our work. However, when something unique happens, it stands out, it’s basically a self-amplified situation. Such is the case with Rockies shortstop prospect Eddy Diaz. As you see in bold above, the 18-year-old Cuban (the Rockies first ever Cuban signing; $750K) knows how to steal a base. In fact, in his 15 games played this season, only three of those contests Diaz has gone without a steal. He’s stolen four bases twice in his last six games and averages 1.53 steals per game. He obviously leads the DSL (23) and is on pace to log 109 stolen bases this season. Scouting reports say he has a good approach at the plate, making consistent contact with “a line-drive swing with gap power.” Defensively, he has the skills to stay at short, but some say he could see a shift to second base. But simply due to his one standout tool, he’s a must-watch prospect this far. Now might be the time to cash in on his early season success and add him in deep level fantasy leagues that house minors. 

American League – Top Hitter of the Day: 

  • Yeremi De La Cruz, DH – GCL Twins (MIN) – Gulf Coast League5-6, HR (1), 2 2B, 2R,9RBi 
    • A stellar performance none-the-less, but from a now-20-year-old spending his third consecutive season in short season rookie ball(DSL – 2016, 2017).

Notes on the Braves Davidson, Tigers Deatherage…

National League: 

Braxton Davidson, 1B – HiA Florida FireFrogs (ATL) – Florida State League1-2, HR (11), R, 2RBi, 2BB, K 

    • It seems like an all-or-nothing season for Davidson. Batting a meager .180,  Davidson is either hitting a ball for extra bases (23 out of his 37 hits: .622 XB%) or striking out (99 in 60 games). 
  • CJ Alexander, 3B – GCL Braves (ATL) – Gulf Coast League1-3, 3B, R, 2RBi, 2BB, K 
  • Andres Gimenez, SS – HiA St. Lucie Mets (NYM) – Florida State League2-4, 2 2B, R, RBi, BB, SB (23) 
  • Jose Brizuela, 3B – SS Brooklyn Cyclones (NYM) – New York-Penn League2-3, HR (1), 2R, 2RBi, BB
  • Yoel Romero, LF – Rookie Kingsport (NYM) – Appy League/West1-3, HR (1), 2R, RBi, 2BB
  • Shervyen Newton, SS – Rookie Kingsport (NYM) – Appy League/West3-4, 3B, 2B, 2R, 3RBi, BB
  • Cristopher Pujols. 3B – GCL Mets (NYM) – Gulf Coast League/East 2-4, HR (1), 2B, 2R, 2RBi 
  • Luke Williams, 3B – HiA Clearwater Threshers (PHI) – Florida State League3-4, HR (5), R, 4RBi 
  • Danny Mayer, RF – SS Williamsport Crosscutters (PHI) – New York-Penn League1-3, HR (1), R, 2RBi, BB, K 
  • Jose Siri, CF – HiA Daytona Tortugas (CIN) – Florida State League2-4, 3B, 2B, 2R, RBi 
  • Stuart Turner, DH – AZL Reds (CIN) – Arizona League3-4, 2 2B, R, 3RBi, BB, SB (2) 
  • Danny Lantigua, CF – AZL Reds (CIN) – Arizona League2-4, 3B, R, 3RBi, BB, K, SB (1) 
  • Carlos Reina, C – AZL Reds (CIN) – Arizona League3-3, 2B, R, 2RBi, BB, SB (9) 
  • Micah Bello, CF – AZL Brewers (MIL) – Arizona League3-5, 2 3B, R, 3RBi, SB (2) 
  • Connor McVey, DH – AZL Brewers (MIL) – Arizona League2-5, HR (1), R, 2RBi, K 
  • Jesse Williams, 2B – AZL Brewers (MIL) – Arizona League2-3, 3B , 2R, 2RBi, BB
  • Jhoan Herrera, 1B – SS West Virginia Black Bears (PIT) – New York-Penn League3-3, HR (1), 2 2B, R, 3RBi, BB
  • Yondry Contreras, CF – Rookie Bristol Pirates (PIT) – Appy League2-4, 2B, 3R, RBi, BB
  • Mason Martin, 1B – Rookie Bristol Pirates (PIT) – Appy League1-3, HR (1), 2R, 3RBi, 3BB, K 
  • Leandro Cedeno, LF – Rookie Johnson City Cardinals (STL) – Appy League3-5, HR (1), R, RBi, K 
  • Raffy Ozuna, SS – GCL Cardinals (STL) – Gulf Coast League2-5, 3B, 2R, 2RBi, 2K 
  • Diomedes Del Rio, CF – DSL Cardinals Blue (STL) – Dominican Summer League2-3, 2 3B, R, RBi, 2BB, SB (4) 
  • Buddy Kennedy, DH – Rookie Missoula Osprey (ARI) – Pioneer League2-4, HR (1), R, 2RBi , K 
  • Jacob Amaya, 2B/SS – Rookie Ogden Raptors (LAD) – Pioneer League1-1, R, 2RBi, 4BB, SB (2) 
  • Ismael Alcantara, PH/CF – AZL Dodgers (LAD) – Arizona League3-3, HR (1), 2R, 3RBi 
  • Rolando Lebron, RF – AZL Dodgers (LAD) – Arizona League3-6, 3B, 2B, 2R, 2RBi, 2K 
  • Albert Suarez, SS – AZL Dodgers (LAD) – Arizona League4-4, 3B, 2B, R, 4RBi, BB
  • Yunior Garcia, DH – DSL Dodgers Robinson (LAD) – Dominican Summer League 1-3, HR (2), 3R, 2RBi, 2BB, K, SB (3) 
  • Daniel Jipping, DH – SS Boise Hawks (COL) – Northwest League3-4, HR (1), 2R, 2RBi, BB
  • Daniel Montano, CF – Rookie Grand Junction Rockies (COL) – Pioneer League2-4, 3B, 2B, 2R, 2RBi
  • Cody Brickhouse, C – AZL Giants Black (SF) – Arizona League/East3-4, HR (1), 2R, 2RBi, K 

American League:

  • Brandon Wagner, 1B – HiA Tampa Tarpons (NYY) – Florida State League3-5, HR (14), 2B, R, 3RBi, 2K 
  • Kevin Smith, SS – HiA Dunedin Blue Jays (TOR) – Florida State League1-3, HR (4/11), 2R, 2RBi, BB
  • Luis De Los Santos, SS – Rookie Bluefield Blue Jays (TOR) – Appy League3-5, HR (1), 2R, 3RBi, K 
  • Cal Stevenson, CF – GCL Blue Jays (TOR) – Gulf Coast League2-3, 3R, 3BB, K 
  • Luis Mieses, CF – AZL White Sox (CWS) – Arizona League2-4, HR (1), 2R, 2RBi
  • Clark Brinkman, CF – GCL Tigers East (DET) – Gulf Coast League3-4, 3B, 2B, 3R, 5RBi, 3BB, K 
  • Justin Childers, DH – GCL Tigers East (DET) – Gulf Coast League4-5, HR (1), 5R, 3RBi, 2BB, K 
  • Vinny Esposito, LF – GCL Tigers East (DET) – Gulf Coast League2-3, 2 2B, 3R, RBi, BB, K 
  • Moises Bello, 2B/SS – GCL Tigers East (DET) – Gulf Coast League3-5, 2B, 2R, 7RBi, K 
  • Kingston Liniak, CF – GCL Tigers West (DET) – Gulf Coast League3-6, 2R, 3RBi
  • Brock Deatherage, LF – GCL Tigers West (DET) – Gulf Coast League2-4, HR (4), 2R, 4RBi, BB, K 
    • Deatherage has shot out of a canon early in the season. He hit his fourth home run of the season already in only two games. He had 14 home runs in three seasons as an N.C. State starter. Will he slow down? Of course, but it sure has been fun to watch these rookie league Tiger hitters light up the scoreboard so far. 
  • Zach Malis, 3B – GCL Tigers West (DET) – Gulf Coast League3-4, 2B, 3R, BB, K 
  • Jeremiah Burks, 2B – GCL Tigers West (DET) – Gulf Coast League1-2, HR (1), 2R, 3RBi, 2BB
  • Kyle Isbel, LF – Rookie Idaho Falls Chukars (KC) – Pioneer League3-5, HR (1), 2R, 2RBi, SB (2) 
  • Jackson Lueck, RF – AZL Royals (KC) – Arizona League2-3, 3B, 2R, 2BB
  • Travis Blankenhorn, 3B – HiA Fort Myers Miracle (MIN) – Florida State League3-5, 2 2B, 2R, 2RBi, K, SB (5) 
  • Andrew Cosgrove, C – Rookie Elizabethton Twins (MIN) – Appy League2-3, HR (1), 2R, 2RBi 
  • Brahiap Carrillo, CF – DSL Twins (MIN) – Dominican Summer League2-4, 3B, 2R, 3RBi, BB, 2K 
  • Payton Squier, RF – SS Vermont Lake Monsters (OAK) – New York-Penn League4-5, HR (1), 3B, 3R, RBi, K 
  • Nick Ward, 2B – AZL Athletics (OAK) – Arizona League3-4, HR (1), 2R, 4RBi, BB
  • Connor Kopach, SS – SS Everett AquaSox (SEA) – Northwest League3-3, 2B, 2R, 2RBi, SB (3) 
  • Curtis Terry, 1B – SS Spokane Indians (TEX) – Northwest League3-4, HR (3), 2R, 2RBi
  • Isaias Quiroz, C – SS Spokane Indians (TEX) – Northwest League2-4, 2 HR (1,2), 2R, 4RBi, 2K 
  • Jayce Easley, 2B – AZL Rangers (TEX) – Arizona League4-4, R, RBi, BB, 2 SB (1,2) 











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