Under the Radar Hitters of the Day – June 4, 2018

The California (Cal), Carolina, Midwest and South Atlantic (Sally) Leagues all had a scheduled day off on Monday, which is the perfect way to segue into UTRMinors Dominican Summer League coverage for 2018. If you’re familiar with the website, then you know Jim and I cover the DSL just as we do HiA or Short Season, the Rookie Leagues or the AZL. If you’re new to our brand of coverage, you’ll see that that’s the thing, we cover the DSL equally. Some sites choose to not cover kids at the lowest level because of that, they’re at the lowest level. Our stance: if a kid puts up a good performance, you’ll see them here. We don’t care about draft status, pedigree or projection. Performance is what matters. For the DSL however, I up the ante. The DSL is an incredibly large league; 44 teams to be exact. In fact, the DSL is 12 teams larger than all of HiA combined. Therefore, when a DSL kid makes the daily hit list, he’s putting up higher numbers than his HiA and LoA counterparts; mostly because he has to in order to garner any mainstream attention. But the fun part for our readers is that you’ll see these names here first. So, we welcome our dedicated followers back and we graciously welcome all new fans, and we hope you enjoy our DSL coverage. On a side note, we will also begin covering the Short Season and Rookie leagues starting in less than two weeks, which is generally a hot bed for prospects that any minor league fantasy hounds want to add to their deep prospect lists. So, welcome to what Jim and I consider the second half of our reporting season. Enjoy.

National League Top Hitter of the Day: 

  • Matthew Mercedes, DH – DSL Pirates (PIT) – Dominican Summer League3-5, 2 HR (1,2), 2R, 4RBi 

American League – Top Hitter of the Day: 

  • Carlos Aguiar, CF – DSL Twins (MIN) – Dominican Summer League2-4, HR (1), 3B, 3R, 3RBi 2BB, K

National League: 

Dalvy Rosario, 3B – DSL Marlins (MIA) – Dominican Summer League2-4, HR (1), 2B, 2R, RBi

  • Andres Gimenez, SS – HiA St. Lucie Mets (NYM) – Florida State League2-5, 2 HR (3,4), 2R, 4RBi
  • Juan De La Rosa, RF – DSL Mets1 (NYM) – Dominican Summer League1-1, 3B, 2R, 3BB, SB (1) 
  • Felix Valerio, 2B – DSL Mets2 (NYM) – Dominican Summer League1-4, HR (1), 3R, RBi, BB
  • Federico Polanco, SS – DSL Mets2 (NYM) – Dominican Summer League4-5, 3B, 3R, 2RBi
  • Carlos Morfa, RF – DSL Cubs2 (CHC) – Dominican Summer League2-3, HR (1), 2R, RBi, BB, K 
  • Bruce Yari, 1B – HiA Daytona Tortugas (CIN) – Florida State League1-1, 2B, R, 2RBi, 3BB
  • Carlos Goris, LF – DSL D-backs2 (ARI) – Dominican Summer League2-5, 3B, 2B, 2R, 3RBi, K 
  • Jose Reyes, 2B – DSL D-backs2 (ARI) – Dominican Summer League2-3, HR (1), 2R, 2RBi, BB
  • Vladimir Echavarria, 3B – DSL Padres (SD) – Dominican Summer League2-4, 2B, 2R, 4RBi, BB, K 

American League: 

  • Nelfy Abreu, CF – DSL Red Sox2 (BOS) – Dominican Summer League0-0, 2R, RBi, 5BB. SB (1) 
  • Ronny Rojas, 3B – DSL Yankees (NYY) – Dominican Summer League1-3, 2B, 4R, RBi, 2BB, K 
  • Angel Rojas, 2B – DSL Yankees (NYY) – Dominican Summer League2-5, 3B, 2B, 2R, 3RBi
  • Nelson Medina, DH – DSL Yankees (NYY) – Dominican Summer League2-4, 2 2B, 2R, 2RBi, BB, K 
  • Bradley Jones, LF – HiA Dunedin Blue Jays (TOR) – Florida State League3-5, HR (5), 2R, 2RBi
  • Alberto Rodriguez, RF – DSL Blue Jays (TOR) – Dominican Summer League2-4, HR (1), R, 4RBi, K, SB (1) 
  • Julio De La Cruz, 2B – DSL Angels (LAA) – Dominican Summer League3-3, HR (1), 2B, R, 2RBi, 2BB
  • Julio Pablo Martinez, CF – DSL Rangers1 (TEX) – Dominican Summer League1-1, 3B, 2R, 5BB
  • Juan Bidau, 3B – DSL Rangers1 (TEX) – Dominican Summer League2-5, R, 5RBi, BB, K 
  • Ronier Lascarro, LF – DSL Rangers2 (TEX) – Dominican Summer League3-3, 3B, 3R, 2RBi
  • Randy Florentino, C – DSL Rangers2 (TEX) – Dominican Summer League3-3, 3B, 2 2B, 2RBi, BB


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