The UTR Radar is Still On….and the Signal is Strong !!!

If our loyal readers/followers have been wondering where our usual off-season content schedule as been, we can answer with the saying: “Life sometimes goes so fast, that it can pass you by”, and since the end of the minor league season, we were heavily caught up in that very saying. As each autumn month slipped by, we slipped further without having a firm off-season posting schedule. However, our radar never ceased to operate and we are finally putting the wraps on our annual Organizational All-Stars from the 2017 minor league season.

If you are new to this feature, let us reintroduce you. We track the minor leagues (from Dominican Summer League to HiA) during the first 18 weeks of the season, looking for the cream of the crop based on performance only, not just the top prospects. A wider focus being on kids that other websites or publications rarely mention. We try to target those deep fantasy keeper league owners to help provide them an edge on their competition. But we don’t wait until the end of the season. Oh no. We provide a steady feed of players who had outstanding performances from the day/night before in our daily UTR “Top Performances of the Day” feature.

Although we didn’t provide the usual in-depth baseball fix (schedule) during the winter doldrums, we found a silver lining. For the first time in history, all 30 MLB teams will open play on Thursday, March 29. In a build-up to this historic day, we will post one team, each day, right up to Opening Day eve. So, on February 27, we begin our off-season posting schedule starting with the A.L. East and the Baltimore Orioles, and will end with the N.L. West’s San Francisco Giants on March 28. Each post will hit your screen during the morning hours (East Coast). Please sign-up to have each of our posts sent to your in-box and let’s not forget to follow us on Twitter.

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