Texas Rangers – 2016 UTR Organizational All-Stars – Pitchers


We have reached the final team from the American League with the Rangers. I will keep their review short, because for the most part, the Rangers UTR’s have been deep within their system. In fact, 4 out of the 5 pitchers mentioned below are past UTR-Orgainzational All-Stars. In 2014, the top pick was Andrew Faulkner and has made his way into the bullpen at Texas in 2016. Sam Wolff, Akeem Bostick, and Cole Wiper were right on Faulkner’s heels. Wolff was my selection as a possible breakout as a relief pitcher prior to the 2014 season. He ended-up ranking as a starter after the 2014 season and appears to be just an organizational filler type at this point, finishing 2016 at Double-A Frisco. Bostick is now in the Houston Astro system and Wiper (2014 “One to Watch”) posted blasé numbers at HiA High Desert. The 2014 roster wrapped-up with Pedro Payano, who has made multiple mentions on this site and will make a three-in-a-row UTR-OAS ranking below. Another UTR that has been a staple on the site was relief pitcher John Fasola. He’s been a true under the radar arm after being drafted in the 31st round in 2014. The 24 year-old righty made huge strides in 2016 appearing across 3 levels and landing at Triple-A Round Rock.
I won’t bore you by covering 2015 UTR-OAS roster, as some of the same cast will show below, including my International Watch. The Ranger’s easily have been the best team to track using my system.
Top 5 Starting Pitchers – Factor Score/TPS
1. RHP Pedro Payano – 14 / .074    “Solid Stash”
  • 21 years old – (LoA Hickory)
  • International Free Agent – 2011
  • Payano has been the one pitcher that I felt could emerge into something special for the Rangers. During his third season in the DSL and our first year on American League UTR-OAS, Payano made his UTRMinor’s debut . The following season his name once again appeared, but this time proving himself in the AZL. I named him as “One to Watch” coming into the 2016 season. He spent his full season with LoA Hickory and posted a 2.08 ERA with a 10.0 K9 rate over 73.2 innings. The kid gloves should come off in 2017 and Payano should get a firm test at HiA High Desert.
2. RHP Ariel Jurado – 13 / .102  *Legit UTR*
  • 20 years old – (HiA High Desert / Double-A Frisco)
  • International Free Agent – 2012
  • The Rangers system is been deep and it could be said that one easily can peg a young arm. Juardo made it easy during his full season with Hickory, with a 12-1 record, 2.45 ERA, and 7.92 K/BB ratio. The Rangers pushed him in 2016 with a assignments at HiA High Desert and Double-A Frisco where posted numbers that were impressive coming from a 20 year-old. I would expect Juardo to hit Arlington in 2017.
3. RHP Edgar Arredondo – 12 / .132
  •  23 years old – (DSL Rangers)
  • International Free Agent – 2013
  • The UTR youngsters from the last two years have climbed the ladder and a new batch are waiting to start their ascent. Could Arredondo  be on the same trajectory as Payano and Jaurado?
4. RHP Luis Lopez – 11 / .145
  • 20 years old – (DSL Rangers)
  • International Free Agent – 2014
  • Lopez appeared on the list last season at #3 TPS. He should make is U.S. debut this season.
5. LHP Pedro Brito – 10 / .089
  • 21 years old – (DSL Rangers / AZL Rangers)
  • International Free Agent – 2011
  • Brito was on my Rangers International Watch list in 2016 and was brought to the States in August with the AZL Rangers. Though just a small sample, the lefty made 4 appearances (2 starts) and struckout 16 with only one walk in 14.2 innings.
Top 3 Relief Pitchers – Factor Score/TPS
 1. LHP Jeffrey Springs 10 / .083
  • 23 years old – (LoA Hickory / HiA High Desert)
  • 30th round – 2015
2. LHP Joe Palumbo 9 / .064
  • 23 years old – (LoA Hickory)
  • 30th round – 2013
3. LHP Felix Carvallo 7 / .064
  • 22 years old – (HiA High Desert)
  • International Free Agent – 2011
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