Seattle Mariners – 2016 UTR Organizational All-Stars – Pitchers


Where do I begin to review the Mariners? They have been all over the board with UTR pitchers and there really hasn’t been one UTR “notspect”  named on this site over last two years, that has taken charge and risen on my spreadsheets. 
Dylan Unsworth was setting himself to become the UTR posterboy in 2014 with his #1 ranking and getting my nod as the “One to Watch” prior to the 2014 season. He just missed a mention the following year, but he was lurking in the weeds and no other sites were high on the International signee of out of South Africa. I thought 2016 would be his year and I could hype that I pegged him 2 years earlier. Unfortunately, he started this past season off my UTR radar at Double-A Jackson. I loved the control that this kid possessed and that continued during the 2015 season with Unsworth only walking 17 over 107 innings at HiA Bakersfield and Double-A Jackson. The same could be said two months into the  2016 season back at Jackson. The 23 year-old began hitting the prospect radar and was named to the 2016 Futures Game roster. A hamstring injury derailed that appearance and the rest of his season. The rest of the 2014 UTR-OAS was nondescript, expect for Ryan Yarbrough and Osmer Morales. LHP Yarbrough will be a 25-year old during the 2017 season, who just completed a season at AA-Jackson with pedestrian numbers. He was just dealt yesterday to the Tampa Bay Rays for Drew Smyly. Morales, on the other hand, may still have some upside if he has solid season next. He scored well in my system and almost eked into the final #5 slot. He also scored as a relief pitcher too, so he may have some value into the 2018 season.
The UTR radar went whacky in 2015. First, Daniel Missaki was a miss as the 2015 “One to Watch”, with no-fault to my system. He got off to a terrific start in his first full season, but it was cut short to injury. Despite the injury, the Brewers took Missaki as trade piece for Adam Lind in December 2015. Missaki didn’t record an afflilate inning in 2016 and reports state that he’s still rehabbing, so the jury is still out. Couple UTR pitchers from 2015 are no longer with the Mariners. Jake Brentz and Pedro Vasquez were dealt to the Pittsburgh Pirates. Those were the misses, but there were a few hits. Edwin Diaz and Luiz Gohara were the no-doubters on that roster. Michael Suarez and Kevin Gadea could be the cream from that group. Suarez actually made my 2014 list, but the radar signal wasn’t as strong since he just finished his second season in the Venezuelan Summer League. The signal got louder in 2015, as the left-hander moved into the #1 TPS spot. This would have placed the “Legit UTR” tag on Suarez, but again caution was exercised with him now in the DSL. He made it to the States in 2016 and just missed being at UTR-OAS for 2016. He should see his first full season in 2017, so I’ll be watching him. I was excited to promote Gadea in 2017, who I thought could have been outstanding for the Mariners. I’ll have to now track him with the Tampa Bay Rays, who selected him in the recent Rule 5 draft. An 11th round pick from 2013 was my #5 choice in 2015 and with another team.  Zack Littell would have vaulted to #1 below after a huge 2016 and would have been tagged a “Solid Stash”. He’s now with the Yankee’s, as the Mariners traded him for James Pazos. A couple relief pitchers from 2015 shined, in Paul Fry (“Solid Stash”) and Rohn Pierce (Legit UTR”). Just missing a mention as a UTR-OAS for 2016 was my “One to Watch pick from this past season. Anthony Misiewicz (11) was an 18th round pick in 2015 and considering that he spent his first season jumping from Short-Season Everett to HiA Bakersfield, had a decent season.  
Top 5 Starting Pitchers – Factor Score/TPS
1. RHP Tyler Herb – 16 / .096
  • 24 years old – (HiA Bakersfield / Double-A Jackson)
  • 29th round – 2014
  • Herb saw his first action as a starter in 2015 with LoA Clinton and the results were to be expected….174 hits in 139.2 innings with 95-52 strikeout to walk ratio. This didn’t stop the Mariners to promote Herb to Bakersfield and then Jackson join 2016. He had better results, but still gave up too many free passes (3.5 BB9).
2. RHP Art Warren – 15 / .111
  • 23 years old – (LoA Clinton / HiA Bakersfield)
  • 23rd round – 2015
  • Warren is another arm that saw a full workload after only making 6 appearances in his 2015 pro debut. A polished college arm had no problem handling the hitter at LoA Clinton, going 9-1 with a 2.19 ERA. Things got messy at HiA Clinton, as he faltered toward the end of the season working exclusively from the bullpen.
3. RHP Andres Torres – 13 / .112
  • 20 years old – (DSL Mariners)
  • International Free Agent – 2014
4. RHP Nick Neidert – 12 / .116
  • 19 years old – (LoA Clinton)
  • 2nd round – 2015
5. LHP Luiz Gohara – 12 / .066 
  • 20 years old – (Short-Season Everett / LoA Clinton)
  • International Free Agent – 2012
  • The Mariners top left-handed pitching prospect.
Bonus Pick. LHP Michael Suarez – 12 / .091  
  • 21 years old – (DSL Mariners / AZL Mariners)
  • International Free Agent – 2013
  • With the departure of Gohara, Suarez moves up the list. I refrained from tagging him as a “Legit UTR”. I’ll go out on that limb into the 2017 season.
Top 3 Relief Pitchers – Factor Score/TPS
1. RHP Darin Gillies  – 13 / .069
  • 23 years old – (LoA Clinton / HiA Bakersfield)
  • 10th round – 2015
  • Marked improvements with an increase of his K9 and decreasing his BB9 rates. The standout stat would be his 90% LOB rate,
2. RHP Matt Walker  – 10 / .080
  • 21 years old – (LoA Clinton)
  • 36th round – 2015
3. RHP Thyago Vieira  – 8 / .072
  • 23 years old – (HiA Bakersfield)
  • International Free Agent – 2010
  • Recently added to the Mariners 40-man roster, Vieira just nudged Joey Strain for last relief spot.
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