June 24, 2016 – Under the Radar Hitters of the Day (Family First)

As most fans probably noticed, UTRMinors was missing a daily post Saturday morning. Usually, my Under the Radar Hitters of Day is scheduled for high noon everyday of the week. Yesterday, however, I was in need. I had to take a trip out of state to help family. But with a well thought out plan to meticulously work in my Hitter of the Day daily. Well….

What’s the old saying about best laid plans?

What was supposed to be minutes of work turned into hours. Frustration set in, then exhaustion. And on top of that, guilt. Guilt because I let down our readers. Jim and I take immense pride in our dailies, as readers have learned to trust it everyday for their own prospect tracking methods and spreadsheet work. As Jim eluded to in his post from earlier this morning, we try ever so hard to maintain consistency for our readers.

After falling a two days behind in prospect work and working a day longer than expected helping family, I’m finally back home. Now, don’t fret. Jim and I have had (from the beginning) a contingency plan in place for the Hitters of the Day in case such an event ever happened. Today, I get to put it to use.

For Friday and Saturday’s games, I’ll be following Jim’s UTR Pitcher Performances lead and posting the top hitters from each league. Friday June 24th here and Saturday June 25th soon to follow. I hope this can help streamline things for all our loyal followers and help get everyone back on track, including myself.

I thank everyone for their patience and hope all is forgiven.


Friday, June 24, 2016 – Top Hitters of the Day 

  • California League: 
    • B.J. Boyd, LF – HiA Stockton Ports (OAK) – Cal League/North – 22 yo; 
      • 4-5, HR (2), 3R, RBi, K, SB (4) 
  • Carolina League: 
    • Daniel Salters, C – HiA Lynchburg Hillcats (CLE) – Carolina League/Northern – 23 yo; 
      • 2-3, 2 HR (4), 2R, 2RBi, BB 
  • Florida State League: 
    • Zach Green, 1B – HiA Clearwater Threshers (PHI) – Florida State League/North – 22 yo; 
      • 3-5, HR (10), 2R, 4RBi
  • Midwest League: 
    • Connor Panas, LF – LoA Lansing Lugnuts (TOR) – Midwest League/Eastern – 23 yo; 
      • 2-4, HR (5), 3R, RBi
  • South Atlantic League: 
    • Skyler Ewing, 1B – LoA Augusta Greenjackets (SF) – Sally League/Southern – 23 yo; 
      • 3-5, HR (1), 3R, 5RBi, BB
  • New York-Penn League: 
    • Alejandro Juvier, 2B – SS Aberdeen Ironbirds (BAL) – New York-Penn League/McNamara – 20 yo; 
      • 3-5, HR (1/1), 2B, 2R, 5RBi
  • Northwest League:
    • Luke Lowery, 1B – SS Hillsboro Hilltops (ARI) Northwest League/South – 22 yo; 
      • 3-5, 2R, 2RBi, 2 SB (2/3) 
  • Appalachian League: 
    • Adrian Rondon, SS – Rookie Princeton Rays (TB) – Appy League/East – 17 yo; 
      • 3-4, 3 HR (3), 3R, 9RBi, BB 
  • Pioneer League: 
    • Jordan Zimmerman, 2B – Rookie Orem Owls (LAA) – Pioneer League/South – 21 yo; 
      • 3-4, HR (2), 3R, 2RBi, BB
  • Arizona League: 
    • Michael Beltre, CF – AZL Reds (CIN) – Arizona League/Central – 20 yo; 
      • 2-4, 3B, 2B, 3R, RBi
  • Gulf Coast League:
    • Edel Luaces, DH – GCL Yankees East (NYY) – Gulf Coast League/Northwest – 22 yo; 
      • 2-4, 2 HR (2), 2R, 3RBi, BB, K, SB (1) 
  • Dominican Summer League: 
    • Ezequiel Rodriguez, 3B-1B – DSL Yankees2 (NYY) – Dominican Summer League – 20 yo; 
      • 2-2, 2 HR (2), 3R, 2RBi, BB 



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