2015 UTR OAS American League All-Star Squad/Ones to Watch

First and foremost, I’d like to thank those who took the time to check out our 2015 UTR Organizational All-Star series. As we said in the latter part of the last year, this years OAS got off to a very rough start compared to the 2014 version. We had to modify things a bit this off-season, but you know what, when you’re dealt a bad set of cards you still have to play the hand; and I believe Jim and I did a pretty good job to it. Among the changes I  chose to make to this years UTR OAS was create All-Star teams and do a little mixing and matching. The best of the best if you will.

What I’ve done is taken all the hitters I chose for my UTR OAS Top 5’s, separated them by position, matched them up stat-for-stat and created an All-Star team for both the American and National League. What I’ve also done is provide for you within the same list are my “Ones to Watch” for 2016. In running my numbers for each organization, I chose the best-of-the-best based upon my research. Like Jim stated in his Cristian Alvarado (Baltimore) Ones to Watch choice post, we don’t throw a UTR prediction on the wall and hope it sticks. All of our picks score/scored extremely high on our seasonal spreadsheets. Therefore I’ll include my OTW picks along with their All-Star counterparts.

This was extremely fun. My apologies, as I know the list is bare bones, but look for possible reposts with commentary on select prospects.

In fashioning my list this way, I’ve already brainstormed some plans for next season’s All-Star squads. Hope you enjoy.


American League UTR OAS All-Stars

C – (AS)  –  Seby Zavala, Chicago White Sox

C – (OTW)  –  Rene Pinto, Tampa Bay Rays


1B – (AS)  –  Chase McDonald, Houston Astros

1B – (OTW)  –  Geoandry Montilla, Seattle Mariners


2B – (AS)  –  Ricardo Ferriera, New York Yankees

2B – (OTW)  – Luis Rengifo, Seattle Mariners


3B – (AS)  –  Jose Brizuela, Oakland Athletics

3B – (OTW) –  Randel Alcantara, Detroit Tigers


SS – (AS)  –  Corey Toups, Kansas City Royals

**Tie**  SS – (OTW)  – Anderson Tejeda, Texas Rangers / Jermaine Palacios, Minnesota Twins


LF – (AS)  –  Joe Jackson, Texas Rangers

LF – (OTW)  –  Trey Amburgey, New York Yankees


CF – (AS)  –  Estevan Florial, New York Yankees

CF – (OTW)  –  Randhi Balcazar, Tampa Bay Rays


RF – (AS)  –  James Ramsay, Houston Astros

RF – (OTW)  –  Ranyelmy Mendoza, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim




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