Cat’s out the Bag


Oops!!!!…..A burning the midnight oil faux pas occurred last night, and if you are an early morning web surfer, you got a sneak peek that I started constructing the 2016 “One to Watch’ List. Just a slip of a click on the drop-down box enabled my draft work to leak onto the site. Luckily, I started at “A”….and only had Atlanta complete and was just crafting Arizona before nodding off at the keyboard.

Anyways, Marc is doing the same in collecting his list of hitters. All the while, we both have begun our draft prep for the knock-down, take-no-prisoners, and par excellence of the PFL. Its the best time of the year, no doubt.

Look for our lists to hit your screens sometime next weekend. Just in time to jot down some deep names for those in the Keeper/Dynasty Realms.

But don’t forget!!!!…..To review all our Post-Season Under the Radar Organizational All-Stars for the 2015 Season. They have been archived by using the header link above. The UTR-OAS is a great collection of players and its unique because our system allows to show  how kids in the deep minors rank amongst the top prospects, based on their performances in 2015.

Hit us up a comment if you enjoy our content or would like to see something different for 2016.

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