First Week in The Books

Jim and I want to thank everyone for taking the time to check out opening week of our 2015 Organizational All-Star series beginning with the A.L. East. Regardless of their real life success (or failure), it appears the New York Yankees reign supreme among fans, as Tuesday’s New York Yankees UTR OAS Pitcher post shot its way to the top of our view count rankings for the week. I have to say Jim and I are humbled to have a such a strong Yankee following. We hope we can continue to create fans like the Frare’s (Julie and Mitch) who’ve been devout followers of our site due to the success of son Caleb (@Caleb_Frare) who’s been regular addition to Jim’s TPS lists with 11 Factor Score mentions in 2015. If this young hurler continues to pitch this well, it’s not a matter of if, but when he graces the mound of Yankee stadium. You can do it kid! We have faith in you.

If you check the UTR OAS schedule, you’ll see we have a scheduled week off then start right back up with the A.L. Central on Sunday January 17th. Again, we’ll work alphabetically so we’ll lead off with the Chicago White Sox.

We’re asking fans if they have any ideas or suggestions for our OAS posts. If you want to see anything extra, different or any format changes that make your viewing experience easier or better, let us know.

Another exciting announcement for us here is our new relationship with Baseball-Reference. After several emails with BR tech support and working out some kinks with our own website settings, we’re thrilled to announce that moving forward, BR will be posting links to our site under each player we highlight on our 2015 UTR OAS lists as well as our daily content during the regular season.

Jim and I have long since felt that creating site traffic would and should happen organically while we learn as we go. However, we felt this was a necessary step in our growth and we’re ready for whatever challenges this new relationship offers. Also, Jim and I are on the verge of (finally) creating a UTRMinors Facebook page. We think this offers us a chance to connect with even more fans, as we feel Twitter and our site arent quite enough at this point of our journey. We need to branch out and create more avenues for current fans and new fans alike. So, keep an eye out for that very soon. This brings me to thanking all of our new Twitter followers. Thank you very much for clicking that “Follow” button and giving us a chance. What we do isn’t easy, but with each new follower, Jim and I push ourselves even harder. So, Thank you very much.

Thanks again for making our first week a big success. It’s great to be back and we look forward to any fan feedback and are extremely excited for the A.L. Central to go live in a week. Thank you all.


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