2015 Under the Radar OAS Hitter updates *(BAL/BOS)*

To say Jim and I are happy to be back would be grand understatement. It feels good to finally be pumping out content after an incredibly tumultuous early off-season. And within this excitement comes a smudge of forgetfulness on my part.

After beginning the 2015 UTR OAS series on Sunday with the Baltimore Orioles, followed by Monday’s Boston Red Sox post, I missed what I felt was an important element this off-season: daily mentions.

Jim uses daily mentions to drive his off-season work. For his starting pitchers, this is extremely crucial for the success of UTR. Taking the hill every 5th day, an SP that makes Jim’s daily mentions list (with regularity) is well on his way to establishing himself as a soon-to-be household name. Hitters are a different breed however, as most play every day. A great day at the plate today could mean a ‘Golden Sombrero” tomorrow. (I’ve seen it more often than I’d like to admit.) Yet, I felt adding my own daily mentions would offer a  touch of consistency to our posts and something to keep in the back of your mind as we move forward. Therefore, the original posts have been updated accordingly.

What’s just as exciting is Jim and I should be wrapping up our American League work this week. Jim will finish today while I’m a bit behind due to some issues with my Seattle and Oakland tabs.  This however, allowed me to begin pre-work on the N.L. East.  Despite Jim being a bit ahead of me, all-in-all, we’re way ahead of the game and should have no more issues moving forward.

Jim and I also have discussed future content. One idea is a compare and contrast stat breakdown of top prospects vs. their UTR counterparts using our formulas.  I’ve also pondered the idea of putting together All-Star teams based on my 2015 American and National League OAS picks. Just a few things to ponder as we head closer to the season.

So, my apologies for being forgetful; and we hope you continue to enjoy the 2015 UTR OAS series.  Up next, the New York Yankees.

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