We’re Back!

After a few months of Jim’s heavy work load and what seemed like a college semester that wouldn’t quit, Jim and I have finally returned.

Despite the frustrating, yet necessary hiatus, we were fitting in every little bit of stat research we could. And we are proud to proclaim that we are finally free and have set in place our 2015 Under the Radar Organizational All-Star [posting] schedule.

In my “Not Part of the Plan” post from late October (seen here,) we stated due to the time crunch, we’d have to modify our 2015 OAS in comparison to the 2014 version. As inclined as we are to write bios, our goal has to be simple: highlight the top UTR kids in each organization so that our readers can get caught up too.  Jim and I fully understand the grind of off-season fantasy prep.  Us fantasy baseball geeks (like most of our readers are)  know how important, yet fickle and precise off-season research and preparation can be. Do we feel guilt over the delay? Without a doubt. But, we’re ready to go!!

Therefore, our 2015 UTR Organizational All-Stars will begin January 3rd starting with the American League East. Each subsequent day we will post another A.L. East team until all five teams are posted; and every two weeks we’ll post the following division. As we get closer to our initial posting day, we’ll have a better idea the order in which teams are going to be posted. Unless we decide to surprise readers each day. We’ll see. Regardless, Jim and I are extremely sorry for the delay, but boy is it great to be back.

Without further adieu, we bring you our 2015 UTR OAS posting schedule.

  • January 3-7:  American League East
  • January 17-21:  American League Central
  • January 31-Feb. 4:  American League West
  • February 14-18:  National League East
  • February 28- March 3rd:  National League Central
  • March 13-17:  National League West

So, while everyone including us, are ramping up for the holidays, We’ll kick off 2016 with our 2015 UTR OAS. We hope you enjoy!


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