2015 UTR Factor Rankings – Pitchers

In an effort to improve our product each season, let me introduce something new to UTR Minors…..the UTR Factor Rankings. Last season during my post-season Organizational All-Star list, I broke down my top pitchers between those who scored the best TPS rates and earning Mention Points, which were based from my daily tracking spreadsheets. The TPS formula will remain the same this season, but I made some tweaks to the Mention Points system. It will now be called “Factor Score”. Each time a pitcher was listed on my tracking spreadsheet, he’s assigned a Factor Score. Thus, when the Factor Scores for each pitcher within an organization are accumulated….I am able to rank those teams to see which club had the best UTR system for pitching. Its just another fun way to see who’s on top and which teams need improvement. In the Fantasy game, I feel this system would be very helpful during research. For example, take a MLB pitching staff where their pitchers are either getting up there in age, have an up-coming free-agency tag, or was in total disarray throughout the season. If that team scored high in the Factor Rankings, it could assist you in poaching a UTR pitcher as a flier to stash on your team for the  following season….or at least, place on your watch list. Which pitcher should you select?….that’s when the UTR Organizational All-Star list will come in handy, especially when you compare 2014 to the 2015 season. If a pitcher makes the list in back-to-back seasons working his way through the low minors, there is a very good chance he could be that gem in waiting. I hope this could become a tool for your off-season studies for the 2016 season.

So in my next posts later today……. you will see what the rankings are for each League during the 2015 season. I will include the Factor Score for each team, along with the score differential from the 2014 season. This will give a snapshot of those systems which improved or declined.


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