UTR Rewind – Double-A All-Stars (Southern League)

I had some idle time since we knocked out the LoA and HiA All-Star Rosters and the minor league schedules will be on the light side. I was looking to write a filler or spotlight piece to accompany my daily UTR Pitching Performance post for today. I have some ideas and notes jotted on a legal pad, but most would have taken some further research to complete. So it came down that I really wanted something that I could whip-up quickly, and schedule to post this morning. I got to thinking about our tracking procedures and when a player gets promoted to Double-A. That player falls off the UTR cliff and we (hopefully) rely that our readers will continue tracking said player for their own reasons. So with the full-season leagues taking a break for their All-Star games, I thought it will be interesting to rewind the UTR machine, to see who made those rosters.

The first game on-tap will be the Southern League this evening. Using my database over the last few years, Ive listed the following pitchers that happened to make multiple daily mentions, were once a Breakout selection (now “One To Watch”), or a post-season Organizational All-Star after the 2014 season. There are quite few names that appear below, that the causal fan would have only known because of the All-Star selection or their early successes this season. But fans of this site and/or myself and Marc’s previous work over at RosterResource.com would have recognized these names back when they were toiling in the lower minors. Its at this point when the Fantasy player has one final chance to scoop these guys off the waiver wire or take a flier on a kid if your in a keeper league.

North Division

Aaron Blair (Mobile – Arizona) 23 years old
-Non-UTR / 1st Round pick in 2013
-2014 UTR O.A.S.
Sean Donatello (Jacksonville – Miami) 24 years old
-2014 UTR O.A.S
Jake Esch (Jacksonville – Miami) 25 years old
-2014 2-Time UTR Mention
Kendry Flores (Jacksonville – Miami) 23 years old
-2014 UTR O.A.S. w/San Francisco
-2014 3-Time UTR Mention
Hobbs Johnson (Biloxi – Milwaukee) 24 years old
-2104 UTR O.A.S.
-2014 3-Time UTR Mention
Jorge Lopez (Biloxi – Milwaukee) 22 years old
-Non-UTR / 2nd Round pick in 2011
-2014 UTR O.A.S.
Damien Magnifico (Biloxi – Milwaukee) 24 years old
-2014 UTR O.A.S.
Austin Ross (Biloxi – Milwaukee) 26 years old
-2012 Pre-Season Breakout
Tyler Wagner (Biloxi – Milwaukee) 24 years old
-2014 O.A.S.

South Division

Jose Berrios (Chattanooga – Minnesota) 21 years old
-Non-UTR / 1st Round pick in 2012
-2014 UTR O.A.S.
Frankie Montas (Birmingham – Chicago White Sox) 22 years old
-2014 UTR O.A.S.
Jaime Schultz (Montgomery – Tampa Bay) 24 years old
-2014 UTR O.A.S.
Blake Snell (Mongomery – Tampa Bay) 22 years old
-2014 UTR O.A.S.
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