June 21, 2015 – Under the Radar Hitters of the (Father’s) Day

Whether you are a father, still lucky enough to have you father or are celebrating the memory of your father,  From us here at UTRMinors, here’s hoping everyone had a great Father’s Day. I know I did and I always appreciate when family and friends want me to sit back and relax on this day. It’s makes us dad’s realize how fortunate we are and why we do what we do to make the family unit tick. However, I didn’t expect that my UTR Hitters, who some may be fathers’s themselves, would take the same suggestion by sitting back and relaxing on this day of paternal celebration.  With Short Season and Rookies nearly in full swing, I have to confess that I expected a much higher UTR HOD turnout than what yesterday’s box scores presented.  But hey, that’s ok. Maybe my hitters wanted this dear old dad to have a little bit of a break too.  I can’t say though that I’m disappointed that this isn’t the case, as over the last several days, you’ve noticed Jim and I posting our Minor League All-Star Roster features.  The Florida State League was first on the docket, while tomorrow June 23rd is an absolute Minor League All-Star Game smorgasbord.  We have the California League/Carolina League match-up, Midwest League All-Stars facing off and the South Atlantic League All-Star squads squaring off.  Jim and I have already posted our Cal League and Carolina League All-Star features. Jim’s CAL/CAR Pitchers can be see here, while my CAL Lg. hitters are here and CAR Leaguers are here.) Please take some time to refresh yourselves in preparation for what should be a great match-up.  Also, if you haven’t already noticed, Jim’s already out of the gate having posted his South Atlantic League All-Star Pitcher feature as well as his UTR Pitcher’s for Midwest League fresh off the press this morning.  Real good stuff as always. Look for the UTR Hitter portion of the Midwest League and South Atlantic League to be posted today and tomorrow. The Midwest League will post today while the South Atlantic Leaguers will arrive tomorrow. We hope you all enjoy reading these lists as much as we enjoyed putting them together for you.

So, let’s come back down to earth, get back to business as usual. Now, remember, I’m just the messenger…

National League – Top Hitter of the Day 

  • Gavin LaValley, 3B – LoA Dayton Dragons (CIN) – Midwest League – 20 yo;
    • 4-6, HR (2), 2 2B, 3R, 2RBi, K 

National League: 

  • Brendon Hayden, 1B – Williamsport Crosscutters (PHI) – Short Season New York-Penn League – 22 yo;
    • 4-5, HR (1), 2R, 2RBi, K 
  • David Denson, 1B – Helena Brewers (MIL) – Rookie Pioneer League – 20 yo;  (2014 Org. All-Star)
    • 2-4, HR (1/2), 2B, 2R, 2RBi, K 
  • Carlos Belonis, RF – Helena Brewers (MIL) – Rookie Pioneer League – 20 yo;
    • 2-3, HR (1), 2R, 2RBi, BB, SB (2)
  • Darren Seferina, 2B – LoA Peoria Chiefs (STL) – Midwest League – 21 yo;
    • 3-4, 2 3B (5), R, 2RBi, K

American League – Top Hitter of the Day 

  • Joshua Banuelos, 1B – Idaho Falls Chukars (KC) – Rookie Pioneer League – 23 yo;
    • 4-5, 2 2B, 3R, 4RBi 

American League: 

  • Taylor Hawkins, C – Hudson Valley Renegades (TB) – Short Season New York-Penn League – 21 yo;
    • 2-3, 3B (1/1), 2B, 2R, 2RBi, BB 
    • Just for clarification purposes, this isn’t same Taylor Hawkins, drummer for international rock band the Foo Fighters
  • Alex Schmidt, 3B – Hudson Valley Renegades (TB) – Short Season New York-Penn League – 22 yo;
    • 2-3, HR (1), 2B, 3R, 2RBi, BB 
  • Luis Valenzuela, 2B – Idaho Falls Chukars (KC) – Rookie Pioneer League – 21 yo;
    • 2-5, HR (1), 3R, 2RBi, K 
  • Brawlun Gomez, RF – Idaho Falls Chukars (KC) – Rookie Pioneer League – 22 yo;
    • 2-4, HR (1), 2B, R, 3RBi, K 
  • Max Murphy, DH – LoA Cedar Rapids Kernels (MIN) – Midwest League – 22 yo;  (2014 Org. All-Star)
    • 2-4, HR (4), 2B, 2R, 2RBi 
  • Kody Eaves, 2B – HiA Inland Empire 66ers (LAA) – California League – 21 yo;
    • 1-2, HR (5), R, RBi, 3BB, 2 SB (12) 


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