Top AL UTR Pitchers – April 2015

Last year, I started listing the UTR pitchers who had an outstanding month. Using my system, it became a daunting task when all the lower minor affiliates began play and my work slipped. It was especially tough to keep my tracking spreadsheets current, while running each pitcher through my TPS formula. Im still using the TPS in-season, but mainly to spot check certain pitchers to ensure their numbers are holding constant. So…with the new season, comes a new version of filtering the top UTR pitchers for the month for each team. Yesterday the Top NL UTR Pitchers were posted, so here’s the American League. The list focuses on starters only.

Baltimore – LHP John Means (2014 11th Rd – LoA Delmarva) 22 years old

Boston – RHP Jacob Dahlstrand (2010 10th Rd – HiA Salem) 23 years old

Cleveland – RHP Adam Plutko (2013 11th Rd – HiA Lynchburg) 23 years old

Chicago White Sox – LHP Jordan Guerrero (2012 15th Rd – LoA Kannapolis) 20 years old

Detroit – LHP Trent Szkutnik (2014 20th Rd – LoA West Michigan) 21 years old

Houston – LHP Bryan Radziewski (2014 9th Rd – LoA Quad Cities) 23 years old

Kansas City – RHP Jake Junis (2011 29th Rd – HiA Wilmington) 22 years old

Los Angeles Angels – RHP Austin Robichaux (18th Rd – LoA Burlington) 22 years old

Minnestoa – LHP Mat Batts (17th Rd – LoA Cedar Rapids) 23 years old

New York Yankees – LHP Chaz Hebert (2011 27th Rd – HiA Tampa) 22 years old

Oakland – RHP Lou Trivino (2013 11th Rd – HiA Stockton) 23 years old

Seattle – LHP Pat Peterson (2014 23rd Rd – LoA Clinton) 22 years old

Tampa Bay – RHP Greg Harris (2013 17th Rd – LoA Bowling Green) 20 years old

Texas – RHP Ariel Jurado (International FA 2012 – LoA Hickory) 19 years old

Toronto – LHP Shane Dawson (2012 17th Rd – LoA Lansing) 21 years old

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One Response to Top AL UTR Pitchers – April 2015

  1. John Fasola says:

    Good morning fellas . . . I’m now back to work and busier than I’ve literally EVER been BUT I’d thought I’d ping you. I just wanted to let you know I’m still out here following your daily postings and still believe you two are at the top of the class in finding diamonds who are truly worthy of receiving their ‘just due’ and the highlighting you do accordingly of these young men’s accomplishments nightly is simply fantastic. Kudo’s to UTR and keep up the solid differentiation. There’s a subset of ‘us’ out here that you are providing an invaluable resource to and I thank you for both that as well as for the the acknowledgement of a certain RHP in the ‘Rangers Farm System’ who will go unnamed . . . ;). Talk to you soon, John Sr.

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