Organizational All-Stars Returns

Boy, how time flies as well and drags living in the northeast.  Winters in Pennsylvania and upstate New York can appear to last forever.  Jim carries a laundry list of responsibilities regarding snow removal and I…..well, live in upstate New York.  Not sure I need to expand any further. Yet, however cold and snowy the winters are, we can always rely on the heat of prospect season to get us through even the most brutal of seasons.  Since our last Organizational All-Star posting of the National League East, it’s been a whirlwind of activity for both Jim and I.  Working on the National League Central All-Star lists can only be described as “prospect ecstasy.” (And to think, the prospect rich Houston Astros were once part of this division. Dear Lord.)  The N.L. Central houses two, maybe, three, of the premiere systems in all of baseball: The Chicago Cubs, Pittsburgh Pirates and the St. Louis Cardinals.  Insane. From a hitters standpoint, the Cubs and Pirates are the cream of the National League crop (and all of baseball for that matter) so it’s been an absolute pleasure pouring over stats to find our best UTR (and top overall) kids in each organization. The Reds and Brewers have some work to do, but trust me, they both have their fair share of blue chippers as well as plenty of UTR kids to spare.  So, look for our N.L. Central Organizational All-Star list to begin tomorrow. We’re applying the finishing touches as we speak.


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