2019 “Ones To Watch”

Here you will  find our list of our under-the-radar (UTR) minor league players who could see a possible breakout at any time; and should be added to dynasty/keeper style fantasy scout teams or “watch” lists.  Each years list (previously called “Breakouts of the Year”) is compiled prior to the start of the minor league season and our choices are based on numerous factors; with the main focus being our PAG/TPS formulas. This will be updated at the conclusion of our 2017 UTR Organizational All-Star series.

We are hard at work developing the list for the 2019 minor league season. Check back prior to the start of the season and right after our complete Organizational All-Star series.




3 Responses to 2019 “Ones To Watch”

  1. Chilli says:

    is this page still being updated?

    • Hey Chilli,

      Apologies for the delayed response. Jim has been away and I’ve been flying solo over the last week or so.

      Regarding the “Ones to Watch”, that page needs “updated” so to speak, as we won’t be adding to it.
      Several factors contributed to that decision.

      One was the extremely late work Jim and I put into the 2018 UTR OAS feature. Normally we get started on that in October, but a plethora of issues delayed that start date. Simply put Chilli, we pumped out the entire feature in 30 days. The hitter side, wrote 240 bios in 30 days as well as Jim’s deep star research.

      Secondly, the method in which we chose to do our daily, in-season reporting.

      In year’s past, the hitter posts were a slave to their own numbers. We chose this year to buy into our criteria and take much more control over who we place on our daily lists. Hence the increased write ups, but less hitters.

      So, instead of predicting who was going to have a great season, (“Ones to Watch”), we are giving you the names of those to watch on actual data.

      Hope this answers your question and Chilli, Jim and I greatly appreciate you visiting the site, reading our stuff and taking time to reach out.



  2. Chilli says:

    Hey Marc, thanks for the reply and I now understand completely. I enjoy your site and appreciate the unique angle you guys take here. Look forward to continued reading.

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